9flats.com US is now live!

Posted on 13. August 2014

Webgains USA is excited to introduce our new program, 9flats.com US

What is 9flats?

A marketplace for the rental of private accommodations. With us you can rent a shared room, apartment or whole house as a host or as a guest. For some, 9flas is travel 2.0 or social traveling , for others it is community consumption: we call it a great idea. Since we’re growing fast, we’re already offering 25.000 private apartments worldwide. And here’s how it works:

What is the 9flats affiliate program?

An opportunity for other websites to profit from this innovative and popular type of traveling. Become our affiliate partner and earn commission for:

Confirmed bookings: a percentage for every confirmed booking.

How much can you earn?

Standard: 6% commission for 1 to 30 confirmed bookings.
Premium: 7% commission from 31 or more bookings.

Plus: monthly promotions, in which you can earn up to 100 € (always learn about these first on twitter.com/9fpartner)

What kind of partners are we looking for?

Everyone! From travel bloggers to operators of price comparison websites to start-ups. We also welcome search engine marketing professionals and SEM publishers.

What are your advantages?

  • High earnings: We offer generous commissions and regular bonuses.
  • A strong brand: We have a positive feedback from important media outlets worldwide (The Guardian, FAZ, BILD, DIE ZEIT, El Economista etc.) and invest massively in TV, print and online campaigns.
  • International reach: Currently we’re offering apartments in 104 countries and are further expanding.
  • Long cookie lifetime: 60 days.
  • A multitude of creatives: There are banners in six different dimensions, search widgets, product feeds and API access for developers (on request).
  • Active support: Our team is pleased to answer your technical questions regarding the implementation of our program or regarding marketing. As a partner we will inform you regularly about coupon and discount promotions via newsletter.

Why does our product sell so easily?

  • Very useful: Because we offer cheap accommodation to stay the night at. Moreover we don’t charge hidden fees or taxes. Hosts pay 15 % service fee, while guests pay nothing.
  • Book safely: What makes 9flats so unique, is the secure and at the same time very personal booking process, in which guests and host get to know each other, arrange the arrival together and afterwards can review each other after the departure.
  • Pay safely: We provide a safe and compact payment system, without guests having to click through countless of pages or having to pay the accommodation price in cash on arrival. The payment is done exclusively on our website via credit card, PayPal or direct debit. Furthermore we offer customer support in several languages to answer your questions regarding payment.
  • Very diverse: Whether it’s a loft in London, a house boat in Amsterdam, a cottage in Bath or a couch in Berlin – we offer accommodations for every flavor and for every budget.
  • Personal extras: If the guest stays overnight in a private accommodation, extra amenities can be used, like a kitchen or even a garden or sauna.

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